EarthSmart @ Work

118890_effort_effect_square_leaf_v01.jpg What does it take to be an EarthSmart @ Work initiative? Find out in this post.

FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping

FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping

More than 200 million shipments each year


At no extra charge


I could end this post here, I suppose. But, I’ll say a bit more about it since we’re excited to share it...

Sustainability: No Pain, No Gain…No Thanks

running_symbol.png Can "no pain, no gain" offer shared benefits, or is it a short-sighted approach to sustainability?

Net Impact 2011: What We're Thinking About

netimpact-conf-logo.jpg The 2011 Net Impact Conference starts this week. A great many young professionals and students will convene to hear about and discuss sustainability. If you think about it, these are the individuals that will set the course for our society in the coming decades. So, what perspectives do I hope they take away from the conference? Several things really:

1. Be a leader, not a pinball leader.
2. Practice practical environmentalism
3. Make a Difference.
4. Collaborate with others.


Flying Higher While Going Lower

How is FedEx doing on the goal to lower emissions from its aircraft?

Read and discover.