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  • Leaving a Place Better Than You Found It

    As we enter 2009, I deeply wish for everyone renewed hope, good health, and the best of what life has to offer. I know that each person’s journey in life is different, and we all face unique burdens and challenges. And in the current turbulent global economy, many around us are struggling just to stay afloat.
  • I Only Have Two Hands: Another Look at Work/Life Balance

    I continue to get great input on the subject of work life balance and the fact that it is such a struggle. So, I am now trying to go deeper into why this is such a problem. We all know the simple basic things we need to do - as mentioned last week - yet we still feel the pressure and the pain of trying to make it all work. So, what is the heart of the problem?
  • Heroes - Another Story

    In a recent posting, I shared a Humanitarian Winner’s story because I wanted others to know the numerous ways FedEx employees reach out to help one another as well as strangers. Here’s another example of employees taking care of each other:
  • Happy Holidays from the Blog Team

    2008 has been quite a year - I guess we picked a good time to launch our blog! With the holidays in full swing and the ball getting ready to drop, we wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of the FedEx folks who contribute to this blog and the readers who share their time (and opinions) with us.
  • FedEx Delivers in a Texas Elementary School

    fedex decorationsv2.jpg
    To celebrate the Christmas season, E.O. Woods Intermediate School, a Texas “Exemplary” campus, participates in the Annual Reindeer Games.  Included in the festivities is a door-decorating contest.  Connie Pritchett, a former FedEx Express courier, chose “Santa Baby Do You Need Some Help?” as her theme for this year's contest.
  • Minimizing Job Losses and Protecting FedEx for the Long-Term

    Today FedEx announced earnings for the second quarter of our fiscal year 2009. As you can see from that announcement, we face serious economic challenges and must take immediate steps to minimize job losses and protect the long-term financial health of our company. We are doing exactly that with several significant actions that impact all of us:
  • Heroes On and Off the Job

    During the holiday season I often hear stories about outstanding efforts our employees make on behalf of customers. When recognized for their effort, most say “I was just doing my job.” That reaction is understandable because a commitment to going above and beyond for our customers is simply what we do. What is not required or expected, but evident every day, are the numerous ways employees reach out to help one another as well as strangers.
  • HUB 101

    It's peak season here at the MEM World HUB which means we will be running at or near capacity. Capacity for us at the MEM HUB can be defined two ways.  One is the number of boxes we can sort per hour and the other is the number of documents we can sort per hour. We can sort about 325,000 documents (Overnight Letters, Courier Paks) per hour and tonight we will sort close to 900,000 pieces.  For boxes, our capacity is 160,000 boxes per hour and tonight our plan is to sort 600,000 boxes. The volume then determines the length of the sort window.
  • Thanksgiving Special Delivery by FedEx

    This is the fifth year FedEx Special Delivery joined forces with the Washington Redskins Harvest Feast, a food distribution event at FedEx Field.  The program, supported by Operation Blessing distributes 36,000 pounds of turkey and 90,000 pounds of food to residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland.This year more than 70 FedEx employees came together with more than 300 other local volunteers to help the community living around FedEx Field.
  • Krista - Tail 613FE

    It's 22:23 MEM time and Krista has just returned home. She has been gone for four days and the good news is she is 17 minutes earlier than we expected her.  During her absence she has been to Ancorage, Alaska, Seoul, South Korea, Hong Kong, Subic Bay in the Phillipines, Singapore and her last stop was in Osaka, Japan.