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Remote reps moving towards the 'Paperless Office'

When we think about sustainability and our customer service remote rep program, the first thing that comes to mind is how we have reduced carbon emissions by elimination the daily commute. We have another way in which our program is EarthSmart (solutions for a more sustainable world), and that is the reduction of our use of paper and striving toward becoming a ‘paperless office.’ 

Environmental Intelligence Outsmarts Traditional Obstacles

...I decided to take a more strategic approach and think outside the dumpster, so to speak. Out of this determination was born a plan for building our own independent recycling infrastructure. We created our own opportunities by reaching out to nontraditional players in this space. We found a company that was a good match for us, so we decided to execute. The challenge was to implement paper recycling and shredding at all FedEx Office locations in the U.S. and Canada, eventually reaching remote Alaska as the last frontier. Thanks to the teamwork and commitment of numerous departments within FedEx Office, the program was fully deployed in an astonishing three months.

Today, all FedEx Office locations in North America have the opportunity to recycle paper. In addition, customers have the additional benefit of knowing our paper waste is securely shredded before being recycled. This is all part of our FedEx Paper Recycling Program, which has earned our highest EarthSmart designation for meeting strict, quantifiable environmental standards...