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Only 8 years old and already a FedEx team member: The unusual story of Nick from Germany

Let me start from the beginning. In the summer, Nick lives in Northern Germany but to make sure they have enough food for the winter, his family, his friends and many other storks fly South. Some of them go to Spain, others fly over the Bosporus and the Sinai Peninsula all the way to Africa. After filling their bellies along their journey in the Savanna, on fields and mountains of rubbish, they rest up a little bit before returning to Germany.

Their trips are always very exciting and full of adventure. The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) in Germany thinks so too. That´s why they´ve been studying them for three years now. The experts from NABU watch their travel route and check out their habits to find out more, for example, about climate change. We at FedEx think this is a great idea and so we support NABU in Germany. And VOILÀ! This is how Nick ended up at FedEx.