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FedEx and Generic Drugs: Connecting Global Manufacturers to Consumer Markets

healthcare-blog-photo.jpg We have all heard of generic drugs and realize that they are much cheaper than the original brand name products. As a matter of fact, many pharmaceutical blockbusters already face or are about to face competition with the release of alternative generic products in the next few years. Articles mentioning this “patent cliff” appear regularly in magazines and newspapers...

How to Decrease Legal Risks in the Medical Supply Chain

pic_SA.png ...SenseAware, a multi-sensor device powered by a FedEx platform for data and device management, is allowing companies to follow the journey of their shipment in near real time. In the medical field, knowing the identity of the person signing at the point of delivery is also critical. Recently, I participated in a regulatory seminar with attendees from various medical device companies and gained new insights into their efforts to control quality and to minimize legal and regulatory risks...

The ABCs of HealthCare

Cold Chain Technologies3.jpg
...FedEx is consistently on the cutting edge of innovation, and the services and technologies we are deploying in the healthcare sector are no different. Everything from specialized packaging and container options in a variety of temperature ranges to monitoring capabilities like SenseAware and intervention services like Priority Alert have been designed as best-in-class solutions to better serve the unique needs of customers in the industry. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible as we launch new service offerings and expand existing ones to new countries and lanes across the globe. If a customer has a particular need just about anywhere, chances are good that there’s a FedEx HealthCare Solution for that.