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FedEx and United Way prepare children for their future

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I've lived in the lovely city of Paris for more than seven years, but I recently discovered a new side of this city during a tour with United Way, which aimed to rally local community support around underprivileged youth issues. Imagine that you are walking down a street in an affluent area of Paris, with nice markets and beautiful buildings all around you. What if I told you that just two minutes away, down a small set of stairs in a narrow street, there is a totally different underworld lurking down there where children are in need of your help?

FedEx Panda Express de Chine en France

Le FedEx Panda Express s’envole à nouveau, cette fois pour transporter deux pandas géants de Chine en France.

C’est indéniable, chaque fois que nos clients se tournent vers nous pour livrer leurs expéditions, c’est avec un sentiment de fierté et de responsabilité que nous leur apportons le meilleur service du marché. Et bien sûr, lorsqu’il s’agit de livrer deux pandas géants, l’honneur et le privilège sont exceptionnels. Nous sommes flattés de savoir que nous sommes le transporteur de confiance choisi pour ces adorables créatures rares...

FedEx Panda Express from China to France

FedEx Panda Express is taking to the skies again, this time to transport two giant pandas from China to France.

Certainly, anytime our customers turn to us to deliver their shipments, we feel a sense of pride and responsibility to deliver best-in-class service—And of course, when it comes to delivering two giant pandas, the honor and privilege that comes with it is outstanding. We are humbled in knowing that we are the trusted carrier of choice for these rare and delightful creatures...

From China to Paris with Love: Paint and Send Wishes to Pandas

When I received an email with the subject of “panda,” I immediately became excited. FedEx will again be flying two giant pandas, our national treasure. The pandas, Huan Huan and Yuan Zi, will be the Chinese culture ambassadors to France. Fortunately, as FedEx employees, we can ask our children to send their best wishes to the pandas through drawings and paintings.  

Perseverance for Pandas!

Chengdu-Panda-13_jpg.jpg ...It has been said that in China’s rich and glorious past, many Chinese emperors gifted the giant panda bears as a symbol of peace and friendship.

It is in that very same spirit of mutual respect and amity that we receive Huan Huan and Yuan Zi. And we are utterly delighted to share the joy they will bring with the larger French public...