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Superior Networks Deliver Game-Changing Solutions

Our customers’ expectations and needs evolve constantly, and so must we. The Roman statesman Marcus Aurelius summed it up best: “Nothing happens without change.” That’s why our operating companies relentlessly adjust their networks to meet traffic flows and levels. Each network is discrete so it can optimize its business without compromise. Hence our competitive advantage of speed and flexibility: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight are superior networks with industry-leading service levels. Superior networks translate into superior solutions for customers. That’s real value.

Fortran Forward

laptop iphone ipad.jpg When I was in college, my very first program in my Fortran computer programming class was done with punched card readers. For young readers, this was a device wherein the programmer sat at the machine, typed out each line of code on a single punched paper card, assembled the many cards in their proper order, and ran them through the compiler for the computer. And, then, did it again. And, maybe again.