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How to Write the Winning College Entrance Essay: Tips from the FedEx Design Team

2012 Memphis Challenge Group Photo.jpg.jpeg
The Global Citizenship team has supported the Memphis Challenge program for several years through charitable giving. Team members used their knowledge and skills as writers to assist Memphis-area high school seniors who are a part of this program. Informally known as the “FedEx Design Team,” those team members have conducted an annual workshop since 2007 on “How to Write the Winning College Entrance Essay.”

Electrifying Atmosphere Invigorates and Inspires Volunteer

...I’ve worked at FedEx for 27 years and for more than 11 years, I have happily volunteered my time at BTW. And to be here at the graduation with students who I’ve seen grow and achieve outstanding results, makes me proud. So as I passed through screening then headed into the ballroom, my excitement began to grow not only for wanting to see the students proudly walk across the stage but because I, like the hundreds of other people in the room, was going to see President Barack Obama...