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Pack Like a Pro with FedEx Office - All Your Gift Packing How-To’s Right Here

FEBox_XL_X1_Lifestyle.jpg With the seasonal shopping season well underway online and in the stores, it’s no surprise that FedEx Office locations are filling up with gifts our customers are sending out to loved ones near and far.

To help those still packing up gifts, we’ve got a Top 10 list of insider tips to help you pack like a pro...

Don’t Let Grinches Get Your Packages

It’s the time of year when people are shopping and shipping at breakneck pace, determined to find the perfect gifts for their family and friends as the days before Christmas dwindle.

Whether it’s a package ordered from a favorite online store, or a gift shipped to or from friends and family across the country, each box we deliver is important to FedEx and our customers. So this year we’re sharing a few tips on how to help make sure those packages get into the right hands safely and securely – and stay out of the hands of “Grinches” who may want to do their holiday shopping off your front porch!

To help protect your packages from getting stolen, FedEx recommends the following package security tips for both senders and recipients:...

Another Fruitcake? Take a Break from Holiday Returns Stress

photo for returns blog post 12 26 12.jpeg It has happened to all of us. The gift you never saw coming and would never use. Mine was a Thighmaster (Yes. THAT Thighmaster!) A well intentioned aunt (to remain anonymous) wrapped and shipped what she thought was the perfect holiday gift for yours truly. I unwrapped the paper, opened the box and wow, if that was what she thought was the right gift for me, perhaps I should lay off the Christmas cookies! She meant well, but one look and I knew this gift was one that would never leave the box (along with the roasting pan my grandmother gave my cooking “challenged” wife the year before). So I did what a lot of us now do – I returned that unwanted item.

Don't Spoil the Surprise, Keep Your Gifts Under Wraps!

FDX Customer Signing Package.jpg One of the best moments of every holiday season is seeing the excitement in the eyes of a loved one when they unwrap a gift you chose carefully, wrapped perfectly and kept secret for weeks or even months. But nothing can spoil that moment faster than having that gift delivered and waiting on your doorstep for snooping eyes to find. Worse yet, some holiday gifts orders coming from online retailers feature full-color images of the contents on the outside of the box. Talk about taking the surprise out of the gift if someone should see that by mistake!