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Bright Idea – Simple Solution

energy conservation_thumb.jpg On April 25, 2013, the Port of Seattle Commission presented FedEx Express with the Green Gateway Environmental Excellence Award. This award recognizes our environmental efforts at the Seattle ramp including the replacement of over 500 lighting fixtures with new energy-efficient fixtures and sensors. The environmental impact of this project is equivalent to removing about 51 cars from the roads or planting 78 acres of trees.

Energy Star

WHQ Building_med.jpg
Do you remember the first office you ever worked in? Mine was a very old building in downtown Memphis. The fluorescent lights buzzed overhead, turning everyone a sickly green. When I plugged an electrical cord into the wall, I saw a spark occasionally. When it got stuffy in my office, I would brace myself and tug open the old wooden window, which would often stick. Boy, it was fun!