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FedEx to the rescue for Santa

During a book reading at Thurgood Marshall School, Washington, D.C., team members were asked if FedEx can help Santa. “What if a reindeer gets sick?” “What if Santa’s sleigh breaks down?” “Can Santa use FedEx trucks?” In every classroom, unknowingly the volunteers all said the same thing that FedEx will do whatever it takes and for them not to worry. Smile. Wink.

This is the second year volunteers have taken the time to read two books to each classroom, grades pre K – 4th. Each student was also given two books to take home. It was a lot of fun for all, especially since we have a bunch of “hams” in DC. Many were very animated while reading making a lot of the kids laugh. The students were also happy to know there is a backup plan for Santa.

Hugs and High Fives from Students at Smothers Elementary

pics 053.jpg School Principal, Shannon Feinlatt's voice cracked and her eyes welled up with tears as she talked about how difficult it is to find resources and volunteers for a school in need like hers. We were only the second group of volunteers in her 1.5 year term. She said for scholars who may have no books at home, the gift of new books and the new reading corner will change their lives, and that she was so thankful for our donation of time and resources. Few had a dry eye when Principal Feinlatt finished her welcome at the celebration...