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A Guided Tour into the World of Small Business

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That thought played on a loop in Danny Catullo’s head late one night just over a year ago. Midnight was approaching and he was sure nothing would come of the time he was spending crafting, reviewing and re-wording his story. The story of Catullo Prime Meats - a third generation butcher shop in Youngstown, OH - that he would eventually share with thousands of supporters and a few nameless, faceless reviewers at FedEx who would determine whether he would win one of six FedEx Small Business Grants.

It’s hard for me to imagine Danny struggling to perfect his story as I watch him...

How to Grow a Greener School!

ESO_Contest_Newsroom Photo.jpg.jpeg Do you know a school that makes the eco-friendly honor roll? FedEx is launching the Grow a Greener School Contest to help give teachers, students and parents the resources to create hands-on sustainability projects at their school.

Inspired by the FedEx EarthSmart Outreach urban conservation projects led by FedEx volunteers and supported by National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, FedEx is offering all U.S. schools the opportunity to enter for a chance to win one of three grants (valued at $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000) to help complete their school’s green initiatives.

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Inspirational 3-minute FedEx and ORBIS Video submitted for this year’s International CSR Film Festival. Please vote for FedEx!

Every year the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship sponsors a film festival and invites corporations to submit a three-minute video showcasing their commitment to global citizenship. This year, FedEx submitted an inspirational video sharing with viewers the depth of our 29-year commitment to ORBIS International, a leading global blindness prevention organization.

The Stories That Warm My Heart

Ok, I admit it. I’m a sucker for heart-warming stories of real people making a difference. I’m talking Oprah excited, Hallmark channel excited. I’ve shed a few tears here and there. Perhaps seeking positive stories is my own way to counteract the helplessness I feel when I turn on the news and see story after depressing story of corporate greed and government bailouts of big business. The positive stories are what keep my faith in the human spirit.