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A Large Order of Beds, One Anesthesia Machine and a Van, to Go, Please.

DRI Happy 60 cup large DSCF3131.JPG
When you're in a hurry and need some food immediately, you pull up to a fast food take out window and place a quick order. It's filled on the spot. Direct Relief International (DRI) has a network of effective charitable organizations around the world. They know when urgently needed medical supplies are required immediately, they can "pull up" to the DRI "window" and place an order. DRI then relies on FedEx to provide rapid and reliable transportation services in support of many of their initiatives.

Zebra Crossings

Child Art Salaam Balaak 2.jpg
As a kid growing up in New York City I was taught to cross streets at the corner crosswalk and to look both ways. While crosswalks exist in many developing countries – sometimes called Zebra Crossings (think: striping) – the message to use them is not reaching children as it should. On average more than 1,000 young people a day die from road traffic injuries worldwide.

Feeling the Love

Shane on previous trip with ORBIS FEH in Shanghai.jpg
The social responsibility award recognition we received on October 30th from the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai was especially sweet in that the China office of ORBIS International initiated the award application process. The award is the fruit of a wonderful ongoing collaboration between FedEx and ORBIS. We certainly “feel the love” from ORBIS. They are so gracious and appreciative of the support we provide them.