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Stranded at Heathrow: travelers receive comfort from FedEx and Salvation Army

201012 Heathrow PG.JPG

Weary travelers stranded at Heathrow airport in the UK due to some hard-hitting winter storms are tasting a bit of comfort served up by The Salvation Army. These travelers are receiving something hot to drink and a bit to eat being served from a canteen truck donated by FedEx. The truck is one of 13 provided by FedEx to The Salvation Army around the world...

FedEx Team Members Delivering Help & Hope

Tomorrow the first of many FedEx charter flights loaded with relief supplies will be touching down in the Dominican Republic – delivering desperately-needed medical equipment, food, water and other materials to the victims of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake. Over the next several days, more than 155 tons of donated supplies will be shipped to Haiti via FedEx as part of our disaster relief efforts with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Heart to Heart International, Direct Relief International, Water Missions and World Vision.