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FedEx Express Unveils From China with Love Initiative for the FedEx Panda Express

Pandas.JPG Sichuan province is home to China’s most famous furry representative, the giant panda. Living in Chengdu, I have seen many of our ambassadors come and go. After joining FedEx in 2007, I got to be part of the team when TiaShan and MeiLan came to their motherland from the US. It was an amazing sight to see our panda decaled plane at Chengdu Airport.

Now, we are sending off TianTian and YangGuang to Edinburgh, Scotland via the FedEx Panda Express. I know people in Scotland love pandas, so when FedEx announced “From China With Love,” where children can write messages or draw pictures to commemorate the departure of TianTian and YangGuang to their new home, I contacted my daughter’s school to have her classmates also share their wishes.