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Energy Star

WHQ Building_med.jpg
Do you remember the first office you ever worked in? Mine was a very old building in downtown Memphis. The fluorescent lights buzzed overhead, turning everyone a sickly green. When I plugged an electrical cord into the wall, I saw a spark occasionally. When it got stuffy in my office, I would brace myself and tug open the old wooden window, which would often stick. Boy, it was fun!

As Tough As Iron!

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another—proverb

Have you ever butted heads with someone and yet valued it an inspiring experience? And while you may have very well left the encounter exhausted, you also left satisfied, dare I say even regenerated by it— equipped with new knowledge, enhanced insight and increased sensitivity?

Those gems of experiences are rare but indeed filled with immense value. The patterns, regardless of the specific parties involved, often remain quite similar: vested interests at play and a dynamic at times fraught with tension gently giving way to an overarching aim of producing meaningful results.