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Why Indy Means Business

Plane_V8I7791TakeOffFinal.jpg.jpeg Starting this April, huge Boeing 777 cargo aircraft will begin streaming in and out of Indianapolis four nights a week coming from the new FedEx Express hub in Osaka, Japan. Locating our FedEx North Pacific Regional Hub on the western edge of Japan is partly due to a combination of geography, flight optimization, package consolidation, and something the Kansai International Airport (KIX) shares with the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) – they are open for business 24/7. So is the U.S. economy.

Global gateways, like the Indy Hub, are essential to keep today’s customers and suppliers throughout America competitive in the world economy. US exports to Asia have been steadily increasing...

Tuckered Out: A Hippo's Story

Tucker in the crate2.jpg

FedEx flies all kinds of cargo. Animals are among the most interesting. I have flown sea turtles, horses, a variety of birds, and ferrets, and can now add a hippopotamus to that list. This is Tucker’s story. If he could write a sign, it would say, “Eight year old male hippo in need of a new home”. FedEx donated our services to move him from the Topeka zoo to the San Francisco zoo. Delivered under perfect flying conditions, Tucker is busily exploring his new surroundings.

Tucker’s story is as interesting as his journey. Born in captivity at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, he was destined to be relocated to the San Francisco zoo over a year ago, but the timing wasn’t right in San Francisco. Instead, he was transported to the Topeka zoo where he met a lovely mate. They fell in love and had a baby together on August 21, 2010. But this miracle of birth also proved to be...