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The FedEx Panda Express - China to Canada

On March 25, 2013 the Toronto Zoo welcomes two giant pandas as part of a new giant panda conservation initiative that they entered into with China in February 2012. This will be the first time since 1985 that pandas have visited the Toronto Zoo and will strengthen the long-term conservation partnership agreement between China and Canada.

FedEx Panda Express : de Chengdu à Toronto

Comment s'y prend-t-on pour livrer deux pandas géants à l'autre bout de la planète? En les confiant à FedEx Express! Celle-ci est le transporteur attitré des charmants pandas chinois, Er Shun et Da Mao, promis au zoo de Toronto. Une occasion de plus pour elle de contribuer au bien-être des localités où travaillent et habitent ses employés. Nous sommes fiers de mettre à contribution notre réseau planétaire et notre expertise logistique pour aller déposer le jeune couple dans ses nouveaux appartements.

Finding Meaning in Simple Acts

clean up Lynne Henwood.jpg When the call went out asking for teams for community clean-up day, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for our western HR team to do something positive together, away from the office.

A Winning Perspective - Junior Achievement US & Canada Company of the Year

JA COY Spectra-FedEx.jpg We joined Junior Achievement’s Company Program as high school students simply interested in learning about business. However, what we acquired was so much more than just that. Company program has provided life changing experiences, valuable opportunities, and definitely taught us much more about life and business than we anticipated.

Through company program, 19 high school students from Calgary, Alberta, Canada formed Spectra, a Junior Achievement Company. Not only did we get a hands-on approach to learning about business and entrepreneurship, we also got the opportunity to be featured on multiple local TV stations, dine with celebrity entrepreneur Brett Wilson, and participate in the North American Company of the Year Competition in Washington D.C. Though there were many successes, we also learned to overcome roadblocks together, and rise up from our mistakes to become bigger and better.

“....and bring an extra shovel for me!”

Tree Canada_DavidBinks Photo.jpg
Recently, I was flying to Ottawa to plant trees as part of our “Greening Canada’s School Grounds” program with Tree Canada. While I have my own tried and true shovel that I’m quite attached to, I didn’t think that airport security would look too kindly upon that type of “carry-on” luggage. So before I left, I made sure the great FedEx team members in Ottawa brought me a shovel to work with!