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How (Almost) Everything is Growing in Poland

Poland.png Did you know that our presence in Poland today is stronger than ever? We have 26 weekly international flights to and from Warsaw, Katowice and Gdansk and operate 44 stations across the country. More than 1,300 team member’s work for FedEx in Poland and an additional 1,400 contracted drivers are delivering shipments to our customers. And meanwhile we have more than 1,000 FedEx branded vehicles on the roads.

Impact is the Key Word

Have you ever thought about the thin line between problem solving and innovation? One tends to lead to the other, so in the end, the idea of disruptive technology isn’t so disruptive at all. It’s a tool of innovation, which is the engine used to make an impact in the business world. Impact is the key word.

Seven Big E-Commerce Trends

Check out the latest series of infographics on ecommerce trends, marketplaces and returns below and visit for more helpful information to grow your ecommerce business.

“E-tail” Likely to Overtake Traditional Retail

101881631.jpg The growing popularity of tablets and other electronics has not only improved information access for consumers (technology savvy or not!) but also widened selection, and made online shopping both natural and logical. These recent developments have strengthened the acceptance of the new online shopping trend we call “e-tailing,” as well as online advertising among investors, and the changed the way the supply chain works.

Sustainability: No Pain, No Gain…No Thanks

running_symbol.png Can "no pain, no gain" offer shared benefits, or is it a short-sighted approach to sustainability?