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The Earth Needs a Purple People Leader


When I was asked to put a requirement in our FedEx Express building specifications for our newly built facilities to obtain LEED® Certification, I didn’t think I heard correctly.  Surely we just want to specify that our buildings might go for LEED, not that we really intend to certify all our future projects, right?  Wrong!  Yes, we wanted to save energy, help the environment, and create better places for our customers and employees, but we also wanted to be sure that FedEx was doing it the right way.

So what is LEED?  First off, it is LEED – not Leeds.  Here is a tidbit for your next cocktail party where sustainability is discussed: Leeds is a city in Alabama and also a city in England where The Who recorded a great live album.  LEED, however, is an acronym for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and, with our first LEED Certified building, FedEx is indeed “leading” (pun intended) our industry...