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Our top 10 blog posts of 2013

Over the past few years we've had a wonderful time connecting with the world through our FedEx Blog. 2013 was a year in which you showed us that you love to learn more about our team members, and what we're doing to make our communities a better place. You also reminded us that you love our iconic FedEx aircraft as much as we do!

Without further introduction, here are our most read blog posts from 2013...

Happy Holidays from the Blog Team

2008 has been quite a year - I guess we picked a good time to launch our blog! With the holidays in full swing and the ball getting ready to drop, we wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of the FedEx folks who contribute to this blog and the readers who share their time (and opinions) with us.

Corporate Culture vs. Social Media

If you want to learn a lot about a corporate culture, go through the process of launching a corporate blog.  Successful companies often become successful because they have strong cultures based on command and control – emphasis on control.  It’s all about process, approval, calculating risk and measuring outcomes.  That does not always jive well with social media. FedEx is one such company -- if the idea of losing control is scary then the idea of a blog has the makings of a nightmare!