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Start of School Means Commute Changes

The other day I went back-to-school-shopping with my seven and eight year-olds. While I think they were happy to get cool new sneakers, their enthusiasm faded as we moved towards school supplies like folders, paper, pens and pencils. It didn’t take long before I could see the look of “Can we just get this over with?” written on their faces.

Back-to-School Season Could Signal Holiday Retail Strength

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While summer break may be too short for many students, the end of summer is a welcome change for retailers eager to learn whether students “hitting the books” will result in more parents hitting the store aisles. In line with a general slowdown that occurs during the restful summer months, economic activity also feels a “summer pause,” a “quiet” that can be as loud and jarring as fingers on a chalkboard for many retailers. Fortunately for them, the early back-to-school predictions could mean good marks in their future sales logs.