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FedEx team members and the 2012 Women In Aviation International Conference

wia-conf.jpg ...There were dozens of women looking for an opportunity with a company who will recognize their potential and encourage their growth. We were happy to share our personal stories and talk about the culture of excellence we enjoy at FedEx. Many times during the conference, I heard comments about the difference we make to our customers and the impact our team had throughout the event...

Oh What Sweet Memories!

PIMA 077.JPG Is this FedEx’s newest fleet? No, but it is an opportunity for an old Marine to walk down memory lane. Who would have thought that 20 years after leaving the Marine Corps, FedEx would give me an opportunity to once again work on the CH-46 Sea Knight?

For the past several months, I have had the honor to not only work for FedEx, but with the Marines again. Our joint mission: to relocate a retired CH-46 helicopter from the boneyard at the Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ to The Veterans’ Museum in Halls, TN.

2011 FedEx Airshow schedule (archived)

2011 FedEx Airshow Schedule: 2/5 Southernmost Openhouse & Aviation Review Key West, FL

FedEx 2011 Airshows

Our Airshow program reflects the pride FedEx people feel in our pioneering -- and continuing -- leadership in the shipping industry. It also serves as our salute to the intrepid men and women, military and civilian, who have taken to the skies over the past century to open a new frontier for the world. ***Click here for some great photos of the 2011 airshows***

Flying Higher While Going Lower

How is FedEx doing on the goal to lower emissions from its aircraft?

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