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A Word of Thanks from Steak Team Mission in Afghanistan

On behalf of Harvey Gough - Steak Team Mission Founder and the Steak Team Mission Volunteers, we would like to thank FedEx for partnering with us in our endeavor to feed home-style cooked steak dinners to over 2000 very well deserving Marines in Afghanistan. This mission required that we donate, deliver, cook and feed Marines at Camp Leatherneck and six stations on the front. Our job of ensuring perfect execution became much easier the day FedEx offered to deliver our food and supplies to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan following your recently opened direct routes to Dubai. Even the ice cream stayed frozen in Afghanistan heat. Thank you.

Steaks for Soldiers

If you ask Ralph Perkuhn, Senior Training Specialist for FedEx Express in the Western Region about his recent vacation, he will tell you he took a few days off in April to volunteer for the Steak Team Mission in Afghanistan. He will also humbly explain how this story is not about him. It’s about the marines. If these guys are willing to put their lives on the line for our country, Ralph and the other volunteers for the Steak Mission Team feel the least they can do- is to offer these soldiers with a “taste of home.”

Afghans for Afghans

FedEx Express provides ongoing donated shipping to Afghans for Afghans project based in San Francsico.  Following is a response to a recent shipment: