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Stability in a World of Change

68234_Local Exp_V5_Master_DPS.jpg Business is fast, complex and global. The incentives of borderless trade are the same for businesses of every size everywhere – the possibility to reach new customers. But in each case, the opportunity to grow globally means relying on one’s immediate neighborhood to help them succeed. At the heart of the matter – is people. Processes, yes, technology, sure. But whether you own a small business in Munich or work from a Singapore office tower, you need a global vision combined with a practical and reliable on-the-ground grasp of the street. That depends on people with the right insight to build stability in a world of change. It’s why the motto for our global advertising campaign in its second year is: “FedEx. Solutions Powered by People.” The people at FedEx give business owners access to both the whole world and to the most powerful local insight and intelligence.

Practical Tips to Boost Your Small Business

...People from around the world joined our Tweet Chats to ask questions and offer thoughts on a variety of topics important to small businesses including growing sales, advertising and branding. Our guest experts provided some great advice and I learned a lot as I moderated the three different Tweet Chats. Following are some of the tips...

FedEx Team Members Take You Behind the Scenes of a Recent TV Commercial

On Nov. 15, FedEx launched a series of digital videos called “Behind the Scenes.”

Change Brings New Opportunities

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The business world is changing fast – for instance, did you know that 67% of the world’s population has a mobile phone subscription?  That’s just one example of how success in business is all about taking advantage of opportunities – and change is what creates some of the best.The latest FedEx global advertising campaign, “FedEx Delivers to a Changing World,’ points visitors to a website with intriguing kind of information needed to stay ahead of customers in a fast changing world.

FedEx Kicks Off New Brand Campaign During the Start of the NFL Season

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  On September 12th, FedEx launched four new television spots and new digital work as part of our efforts to extend the “We Understand” platform into various media channels.  The advertising launch coincides with the start of the 2010/2011 NFL season.  The campaign will focus on the following services:  FedEx Express (domestic and international), FedEx Ground® and FedEx Office.