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Educating Our Young Men – Reflections on “Men of Color & Education” Forum

On March 2nd, Teach for America hosted an electrifying event entitled “Men of Color and Education: a Discussion on the Pursuit of Excellence."  Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center will never be the same.  The audience had come fully prepared to be a part of this dialogue on educating our young African American and Latino men.  From the panelists on stage to the people sitting in the last row, everyone was completely engaged - the energy was just amazing!  Teach for America is to be applauded for all their hard work and for bringing these issues to the fore.

Confessions of an Educated Man

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” - Frederick Douglas   I admit it - I had it pretty good. Growing up in suburban Dallas, I attended good schools with good teachers and parents who came to PTA meetings. My mom was on the school board, my history teacher drove my bus and my biggest dilemmas were in the daily cafeteria line. Rarely was there a barrier to the education I needed.