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Shipping Trends Match Up With FedEx Strengths

Global Trade.jpg The long-term future for global trade remains solid, and we are committed to providing solutions for businesses — large and small — to effectively compete in this important market.

FedEx Express Establishes Default Temperature Settings on the B777F

PictureB777F-b.jpg ...FedEx Express has implemented procedures to maintain temperatures on board its new B777 aircraft remain within the CRT range during flights.

Extensive research studies were conducted by FedEx to determine the appropriate default temperature settings, so now cold chain shippers can plan accordingly with a great degree of confidence regarding what the temperature ranges will be in flight...

The 777F Environmental Advantage

The Boeing 777F aircraft delivers noteworthy environmental benefits and efficiencies:•    Uses 18 percent less fuel than an MD-11;•    State-of-the-art engine technology reduces emissions 18 percent;•    Advanced noise-reduction technology meets airport noise standards and makes landings and takeoffs quieter;•    Has lower maintenance and operating costs than other aircraft in its class.