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fedex_access_magazine.jpg The latest edition of Access Magazine is fresh off the presses, and this year's copy is bursting with fascinating stories, interesting interviews and informative data to show how Access is shaping our world.

More Access Equals More Opportunity For Women

women_small.jpg The Coalition for Adolescent Girls says that when a girl living in poverty reaches age 12, she’s at a crossroads. If she can somehow continue her education and stay healthy, she has a great chance to move out of poverty when she’s grown. But if she can’t, there is little chance of breaking the cycle.

Q&A with Bob Remenar, President & CEO of Nexteer

nexteer.jpg - What is your advice for companies expanding their supply chains globally?

Expanding globally is certainly an exciting thing, but it comes with its challenges. I cannot over-state the importance of personal relationships and communication as we bridge East with West to operate efficiently in multiple regions. The trust that can only result from relationships and consistent personal behavior built on a foundation of trust and integrity is priceless. Adjusting to different time zones, cultures, and work styles are all things that take time. The best way to adapt to this new set of expectations and responsibilities is to communicate often and clearly with your global partners...

It Might Get Loud: 8 Questions with Loudmouth Golf

Are there any challenges to having a supply chain that spans the globe?


Oh wait, YES! About a zillion.

Honestly, Loudmouth is about having fun. And supply chain "challenges," as you euphemistically referred to them are NOT fun. However, FedEx has been able to solve most of them, so the supply chain isn't as much a "ball and chain" for us, which frees us up to be the fun stylish guys designing, producing, golfing in and partying in LOUD PANTS.