This Holiday Season, Give Back with Every Gift You Send

playground_0056_155063996_155063997_165857251.jpg This month, we launched “FedEx One Rate, Countless Possibilities Through Education,” a nationwide effort to allow our customers to effortlessly give back during the holiday season, and continue the FedEx commitment to education.

10 Tips for Improving Child Pedestrian Safety

Teens Walking at Crosswalk.jpg.jpeg At the beginning of most our lives, we share two fundamental desires: learning and movement. In fact, most babies take their first steps when they are less than a year, and are walking well by the time they are 14 or 15 months. Before you know it, kids are not just walking but running, jumping, skipping and you name it – any other physical gymnastics that most of us adults find exhausting just to look at!

As kids seem almost tireless at times, they can actually be quite vulnerable – particularly when they are outside near streets and traffic. Yes, they are full of energy, but they also sometimes lack judgment when it comes to walking or riding their bicycling safely.

That’s why through the Walk This Way program, FedEx and Safe Kids are promoting International Walk to School Day...

7 Ways to “Give Back” - And Make the Greatest Impact

Many small businesses are trying to become more involved in philanthropic activities in their community, but they are not sure how to get started or make their efforts most impactful. As manager of Global Citizenship for FedEx, I would like to share what I have learned about “giving back”.   Companies of any size can apply the following strategies to make their philanthropic efforts most effective and rewarding: