FedEx Breaks Ground on New Temperature Controlled Facility at Memphis World Hub

cold-chain.jpg FedEx Express announced today that it is beginning construction on a new state-of-the-art temperature controlled facility and heavyweight pickup and delivery operation at the FedEx Express World Hub in Memphis, TN. The 88,000 square-foot facility will interface directly with Memphis hub operations, providing greater efficiency for shipments transiting the FedEx Express network, as well as enhanced handling of customers’ cold chain shipments.

The new facility offers several unique features that will give cold chain shippers added confidence that their shipments will remain within their intended temperature range in the event of delays. Facility features include:

Direct Relief…When You Need It Most

Sensaware_TornadoRelief_May13 050-sm.jpg ...Nowhere was this relationship more on display than in the aftermath of the tornado that recently devastated Moore, Oklahoma. Direct Relief promptly jumped into action and, as the only nonprofit licensed to distribute prescription medication in Oklahoma and all other U.S. states, knew that they had to transport needed medications and vaccines into the area quickly, safely and securely.

Many of these specific medications are temperature-sensitive and require specialized cold-chain handling in transit. So, in order to ensure that these commodities were secure from both theft and extreme temperatures, Direct Relief used our SenseAware service offering to manage and monitor this precious cargo en route...

When Peace of Mind is Your Highest Priority

I recently had the honor of introducing our founder and CEO, Frederick W. Smith, at the FedEx HealthCare Solutions Summit in New York City. In that introduction, I talked about the innovative spirit that has powered FedEx from its inception, and how the passionate curiosity of this business icon permeates the entire culture of the company.  In the beginning he asked that age-old question “What if…?”, and the world is a better place as a result.

FedEx Express Establishes Default Temperature Settings on the B777F

PictureB777F-b.jpg ...FedEx Express has implemented procedures to maintain temperatures on board its new B777 aircraft remain within the CRT range during flights.

Extensive research studies were conducted by FedEx to determine the appropriate default temperature settings, so now cold chain shippers can plan accordingly with a great degree of confidence regarding what the temperature ranges will be in flight...

You Down With P-S-P? Yeah You Know Me! (Applying FedEx Principles in the Age of Access)

..At FedEx we have an internal philosophy, a guiding principle if you will, which we call P-S-P. That stands for “People-Service-Profit.” This started with our founder and he has often described the circular nature of that mantra by explaining that if you invest in your people they will provide a superior service which will generate profit, which in turn allows you to invest in your people. It is all interconnected, much like the world economy has become and is continuing to become...