Small Businesses are Bouncing Back with Confidence

Signs of the Times blog photo.5.16.11.jpg There seems to be a common trait among small business owners: they have a vision of success and are confident their hard work and determination will lead them there. It’s this optimism we wanted to celebrate today, in honor of Small Business Week. It’s also a trait that was abundantly obvious in the fourth annual FedEx Office Signs of the Times small business survey, where 63 percent of small business owners reported confidence in the long-term success of their business – up from 54 percent from last year.

Small Businesses Say They’ve Seen the Signs – 2010 is Looking Up!

Randy Scarborough, Vice President of Marketing for FedEx OfficeFor three years running, the FedEx Office Signs of the Times Survey has polled small business owners around the U.S. to see how they’re feeling about both the broader economy and their businesses – and what approaches they’re taking to grow and thrive in good times and bad.