How to Make a Social Business Blend

First, you start with one part Communications with an equal part of Marketing. Next you follow that by adding a heaping of Information Technology (IT), a dash of Human Resources and Customer Service. Then you top it off with some Finance and Operations. You mix all the ingredients together and voilà you have a social business blend. Of course, ingredients and the amounts can vary depending upon the company.

Let's Be Social at Work

No, I’m not talking about hosting an ice cream or pizza get together in the breakroom. Even though an ice cream sundae with strawberries, chocolate and whip cream does sound good. Excuse me, I digress. Nor am I talking about a dance in the company’s cafeteria. “Social at work” is about providing employees with social media tools to enhance collaboration (particularly across silos and geographies), decision-making, transparency, participation in initiatives and innovation.

Bowling for Hugs

There is a saying that a smile is worth a thousand words. Well, a hug has to be worth every word in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and more, especially when the hug comes from a Special Olympian who just bowled a strike, picked up a spare, knocked down one pin or bowled a gutter ball.

On October 7, I was one of several volunteers at the Special Olympics of Greater Memphis city bowling tournament for students.

Students' Perspectives: A look at the Magic Johnson Scholarship Conference

If I told you that my family consisted of over 113 people of different races and lifestyles, would you believe me? Hey, it’s true.

The Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program from the Magic Johnson foundation brought together their scholars annually for a leadership conference in Los Angeles, which was generously sponsored in part by FedEx.

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of FedEx

Have you ever wanted to take a boat ride through the Venetian waterways or stand on the land where civilization began? How about swim in some of the bluest, clearest water on the planet? Or eat exotic food in a faraway land?Well, I did and it was all done through the eyes of FedEx. For me, the opportunity to observe global cultures via FedEx was an unforgettable experience – especially considering that I grew up in a town of about 6,000 people in North Carolina.