Runway Safety

4Holdshort24L.png On June 27 of this year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved FedEx to use the Jeppesen Flight Deck Pro iPad app for ownship position display for ground operations. The app displays ownship position to the pilots as they navigate on the ground at any one of the more than 375 airports we serve daily. FedEx is the first commercial operator to receive approval to use it. That sounds very cool, but what is “ownship position” and how is this new capability significant?

A Pilot Kit for the 21st Century

paperlesscockpit1.png ...Just like you’ve probably abandoned your old heavy phone books because you can look up information digitally now, FedEx is doing the same thing. In addition to on-aircraft computer access to digital information, we’ve finished distributing over 4,300 iPads to all our pilots so they can access all necessary information onscreen, and now we’re in the process of taking all the paper kits off all the airplanes in our fleet. It’s a lot of paper--- 32 TONS worth!...