Celebrating the Big 40

On April 17, 1973, 14 French Dassault Falcon planes took off from Memphis International Airport and delivered 186 packages to 25 U.S. cities along the east coast. This first flight not only marked the beginning of FedEx Express but also the beginning of the express industry as a whole. Forty years on and just look how far we’ve come as a company.

FedEx Panda Express de Chine en France

Le FedEx Panda Express s’envole à nouveau, cette fois pour transporter deux pandas géants de Chine en France.

C’est indéniable, chaque fois que nos clients se tournent vers nous pour livrer leurs expéditions, c’est avec un sentiment de fierté et de responsabilité que nous leur apportons le meilleur service du marché. Et bien sûr, lorsqu’il s’agit de livrer deux pandas géants, l’honneur et le privilège sont exceptionnels. Nous sommes flattés de savoir que nous sommes le transporteur de confiance choisi pour ces adorables créatures rares...

FedEx Panda Express from China to France

FedEx Panda Express is taking to the skies again, this time to transport two giant pandas from China to France.

Certainly, anytime our customers turn to us to deliver their shipments, we feel a sense of pride and responsibility to deliver best-in-class service—And of course, when it comes to delivering two giant pandas, the honor and privilege that comes with it is outstanding. We are humbled in knowing that we are the trusted carrier of choice for these rare and delightful creatures...

Keepsakes From Another Continent

...Sixty seven years ago, Army Private First Class John Alfred D’Amore served in US armed forces in Belgium during WWII. During that time, he was in love with a woman, Rose Archie, who later became his wife. Fitting with his lastname D’Amore literally meaning “of love”, the young soldier carefully and secretly carried a keepsake box of photos and love letters from his fiancée Rose. As the ravages of war ensued, the keepsake box was lost but the soldier safely returned home to marry his sweetheart and build a family.

It was only this past June that the small wooden box was rediscovered by a woman cleaning an attic in the Ardennes region of Belgium and the adventure of finding its rightful owner began.

When FedEx Express stepped in to ensure the keepsake box arrived safely in the hands of John Alfred D’Amore, the surprise package was delivered in its rightful style-- hand delivered by FedEx couriers who are also US Veterans....[Read More]

Designing Global Networks

When I started my career with FedEx as a courier in Philadelphia more than 34 years ago, I never thought that one day, I would play a role in designing the international networks at FedEx. Of course, I never thought I would get into social networking either, but here I am entering the blogosphere. I guess you could say that I am really into networks. It is the central focus of my job these days – designing the global FedEx network of the future – both on the ground and in the air.