#DeliveringThanks: Recognizing Those Who Embody the Purple Promise

KevinButler_PortAngeles_SavedChild[3].jpg #DeliveringThanks: Kevin Butler Service Provider for W6 Trucking, Inc. out of Port Angeles, Washington was driving in Sequim, Washington yesterday on his way to making a delivery when ahead of him he saw a little toddler, a 3 years old girl, alone at the edge of a lawn, with a Bullmastiff dog stalking her, teeth bared and hackles raised.

The Story of the Purple Hat

And now, introducing the story of the purple hat...

Jose Razo Brings Flight-Safety Mentality to Driving

IMG_0042.jpg Jose Razo started flight school at the age of 18, where he was immediately taught the vital importance of putting safety first. The concept of being safety conscious comes to mind quite naturally when flying high above the earth, as consequences are so obvious in this space.

Ted Carlson Brings Marathon Mentality to Driving Freight

IMG_0033.jpg Ted Carlson has pursued his passion for driving since the day he drove his first car, which didn’t even have a gas cap!

The current road driver for FedEx Freight has, over the years, tried his hand at driving just about anything he could get his hands on. From an M1 Tank on patrol in Iraq, loading dock cranes, an array of armored Humvees…he even once tried to drive an Iraqi steamroller to help with road construction! Rewind even a few years further back, and there’s Ted, in the midst of hurricane Katrina relief: It seems that there was a gigantic airport fire truck that nobody knew how to move, so of course, Ted jumps in and figures it out.

But with Ted, it’s not just variety that motivates him; it’s consistency...

Meet one of our champion drivers, Christy Tolbert

IMG_0029.jpg If you’re taking a road trip, you want Christy Tolbert on your team. She is one our many outstanding, expert drivers at FedEx Express, with six years of accident-free professional driving under her belt. Her driving abilities recently earned her Rookie of the Year and Grand Champion honors at an internal competition, and earning a spot in the finals at the National Truck Driving Championships.

Christy’s skills also mean that she is a fantastic navigator, often using her skills of setting landmarks and reference points to help guide her family on camping and fishing trips to parks and recreational areas in Oklahoma...