Fuel Sense: Every drop counts at FedEx Express

fs1.png The Fuel Sense program began because fuel prices were climbing at an alarming rate and the way we were managing aviation fuel was unsustainable. The program was developed and executed by a cross-divisional FedEx Express team by making one change at a time - quite often a very small change - until we mastered it. Learn how we do it.

From Fuel Supply to FuelSense

fuelsense-blog-fueling5.jpeg You never know where some things will lead. As an Army Captain, I had the fortune to command a supply company that included a fuel supply platoon with the responsibility to refuel the 3rd Armored Division in central Germany.

These refueling operations were very static, dispensing fuel from large bladders which required units to congregate many tracked and wheeled vehicles at fuel depots. This made refueling not only inefficient but placed exposed vehicles at a higher risk of an enemy strike as they congregated.

We thought “there has to be a better way”, and during one of our deployment exercises, some soldiers in my unit invented a process to refuel tanks and vehicles while units were moving - a kind of mobile filling station.