I Am FedEx - A Veteran's Story

Tim Malone pic.jpg It’s 4 AM. The alarm clock sounds. Work clothes are neatly pressed, and ready to go. The road to work is dark and quiet. It’s been over a decade since Tim Malone hung up his Army uniform, but not much has changed relative to the structure and pace of his work...

“Ben the Bear” – A Personal Account

ben_bathing.png At FedEx, every shipment has its own unique story. It could be someone’s wedding gown, life-saving medical supplies…and sometimes, a bear! Earlier this month, I was privileged to be part of the team that rescued a black bear-grizzly hybrid named “Ben.” As a relatively new FedEx team member, I’d heard the many stories of how FedEx had helped rescue abused animals from deplorable conditions. Now, I had the chance to help give Ben a quality of life he had never before experienced.