posts made in April 2013

Coach Joe Gibbs Motivates Small Business to be Prepared

Watch the brief video below associated with this blog post. You will hear firsthand from Coach Joe Gibbs, a small business owner himself, about the importance of being prepared – and how to get prepared – for a disaster.

Bright Idea – Simple Solution

energy conservation_thumb.jpg On April 25, 2013, the Port of Seattle Commission presented FedEx Express with the Green Gateway Environmental Excellence Award. This award recognizes our environmental efforts at the Seattle ramp including the replacement of over 500 lighting fixtures with new energy-efficient fixtures and sensors. The environmental impact of this project is equivalent to removing about 51 cars from the roads or planting 78 acres of trees.

Schoolyard Solutions for a More Sustainable World

girls_jumping.jpg These young students are part of a generation that spends on average more than seven hours a day looking at screens, yet these girls have a strong vision for how to transform their schoolyard into a vibrant learning garden teeming with wildlife.

FedEx and Heart of America Share the Joy of Reading by Revitalizing a Maryland School Library

Bilingual Books_thumb.jpg
March 19th was a very special day for 450 students at Beacon Heights Elementary School in Riverdale, Maryland when they entered their school's newly redesigned library - new bright colored paint, artwork, furniture, and 250 additional new bilingual English-Spanish books were in the library! FedEx worked with Heart of America to revitalize the school's library to make it an even more engaging environment for children to learn and foster a love of reading.

Deliveries: When You Want Them

How many times have you found yourself coming home to a door tag for a missed delivery or rearranged your busy schedule to wait at home for an important package? Well, for FedEx customers, those days are over. 

Latest Edition of Access Magazine

fedex_access_magazine.jpg The latest edition of Access Magazine is fresh off the presses, and this year's copy is bursting with fascinating stories, interesting interviews and informative data to show how Access is shaping our world.

Swimming, Cycling and Running for the Cure!

On Sunday, April 7th, a record 71 employees from FedEx participated in the seventh annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon. The Triathlon benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where proceeds go directly to pediatric cancer research. Over 3,000 athletes total competed in the South Florida race and more importantly over $422,000 was raised to benefit the children of St. Jude’s. Many of the FedEx volunteers were motivated to participate because they have family members that have been afflicted with cancer and others wanted to help the cause simply as parents of small children.

What Bob the Builder® Can Teach Us About Helping the Environment

If you have children, or know someone who does, you’ve probably watched children’s shows that have left an indelible mark—most notably a certain purple dinosaur with an unforgettable theme song. So, a few months ago when my almost 3 year old donned a bright yellow construction hat and requested to watch Bob the Builder®, I thought I was in for another children’s show I would tolerate for his sake. However, I soon realized Bob and his friends can actually teach our children valuable lifelong lessons.

Celebrating the Big 40

On April 17, 1973, 14 French Dassault Falcon planes took off from Memphis International Airport and delivered 186 packages to 25 U.S. cities along the east coast. This first flight not only marked the beginning of FedEx Express but also the beginning of the express industry as a whole. Forty years on and just look how far we’ve come as a company.

Impact is the Key Word

Have you ever thought about the thin line between problem solving and innovation? One tends to lead to the other, so in the end, the idea of disruptive technology isn’t so disruptive at all. It’s a tool of innovation, which is the engine used to make an impact in the business world. Impact is the key word.