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Absolutely, Positively Unacceptable

Along with many of you, we've seen the video showing one of our couriers carelessly and improperly delivering a package the other day. As the leader of our pickup and delivery operations across America, I want you to know that I was upset, embarrassed, and very sorry for our customer’s poor experience. This goes directly against everything we have always taught our people and expect of them. It was just very disappointing.

However, from the customer's perspective, I am pleased to let you know that the matter has been resolved in a very positive way.  We have met with the customer face to face and they already have a  replacement monitor at no cost to them.  They have accepted our apology and say they are fully satisfied with what we've done in response to this unacceptable delivery.  They've made it clear, though, that they prefer not to be identified in any way, and in this case as always with customers, we fully respect their privacy.

I know you recognize that this absolutely does NOT represent the professionalism and dedication of the 290,000 FedEx team members worldwide. It is one person and one package. While many people are publicly speculating about what will happen to the employee, FedEx takes care to protect team members' privacy as well as our customers' privacy.  We do take this matter extremely seriously, and have initiated action in accord with our disciplinary policy, while respecting privacy concerns. Without going into detail, I can assure you that this courier is not delivering customer packages while we are going through this process.

This matter is an unfortunate exception to the outstanding service FedEx team members deliver every single day.  Our customers know and value that service. We have been doing this almost 40 years, and if we weren't doing it right, we wouldn't have gained the widespread respect we have enjoyed.  As a matter of fact, we have a very simple motto we try to live by – the Purple Promise: “I will make every FedEx experience outstanding.”  

While this delivery fell way short of those high standards, we are already using it as a learning opportunity. We’ve shared this video internally to remind everyone that every single package is important to you, our customers, and that actions like this are totally unacceptable. We are also going to build this into our training programs as a constant reminder of the importance of earning -- and keeping -- your trust with every single delivery.  We hope that you, like the customer involved in this incident, will see it as an unfortunate exception that proves the rule that our company cares for its customers.

Matthew Thornton III
Senior Vice President
US Operations
FedEx Express

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excellent way to handle the situation. read about this case through my MKT class. great PR example.

I've worked for FedEx for more than 10 years and am very proud of our service culture. There is no doubt this is a rare situation. But like any large corporation you will find a guy or gal like this or two now and then. The company, while not perfect, does a great job of teaching, training, motivating and engaging its people.

Thank you for acknowledging the egregious misconduct, but where is the apology?

Matt Thornton is one of the finest men I worked with at FedEx. He will take care of the problem

Fedex is the best!

i would just like to say over the past 34 years i have been with the fdx family we have changed alot for the better and alot not for the best interest of our customers and our new employees,training has been a huge cost cut,which has been a learning curve,moving the call centers to home base has crested a huge problem for our customers, crr's dont recieve the same training either,we need to give the training we use to give in order to insure the purple promise back into the company,the company has grown and the traning has shrunk.........this causes what has happened ... and many more to follow if we dont put back what we started in the begining of this company

I have proudly worked as a Fedex Express Courier for the last 13 years, starting at the DTWA station in Romulus, MI, and now at the TOLA station in Northwood, OH. I have always handled each and every delivery as if it were my only delivery of the day, while keeping a quick pace in order to service all customers awaiting the packages on my truck. I conduct myself in a friendly, yet professional manner, behaving as if I am video recorded at each stop. I do this not just in case I am in fact recorded, but because I want each customer to know that their delivery is important to me and I also want them to know I really do love the Company I work for. I am the face of FedEx to my customers. I am customer service. I am the front line. I am the problem-solver. I may be the bottom tier of the organization, but I am the connection between the customer and Fred Smith. My customers are why I am a FedEx Courier and my behavior is why I continue to represent FedEx. The courier in the video is by no means a representation of the behavior of our couriers. I don't know him, nor do I wish to be associated with him. No customer of mine has ever, nor will ever, receive this kind of abuse or disrespect from me. I am FedEx. I am proud to be a FedEx Courier!

This delivery guy is outragous but it's good to see it's being dealt with. I do wonder if the Senior VP would have got involved at a customer complaint if youtube didn't exist ;-) However, to be fair our business in the UK and USA have shipped globally (mainly to India) with FEDEX for 15 years now and we have very rarely had problems. In fact the few occasions we have had problem probably were shippers fault and not FEDEX. FEDEX are the backbone of our business, they always deliver effeciently and we wouldn't even touch another company. My pick up and delivery team in the UK are brilliant. Thank you FEDEX!

It is worth noting the cavalier manner in which this FedEx driver tossed that expensive / delicate package over the gate. This clearly indicates he was quite comfortable with that delivery technique, and in addition, this particular videotaped episode was, in all probability, not the first, second or third time this FedEx employee handled such a package in this manner, in my estimation. Question: Does FedEx management agree with this assessment? If not, then obviously other management-level employees at Fed-Ex should be terminated as well in order to clean up this problem. The odds are fairly good that there are other Fed-Ex employees doing the same thing with customer shipments. Fed-Ex typically delivers packages with a one-man crew - the driver of the truck handling the deliveries; so if an employee is carelessly handling packages, who to know unless a video exists? Suggestion for Fed-Ex management: place accelerometers in some test packages for suspect or routine employee evaluation and monitor the G-Shock during transit. Your may learn alot about your employees - probably more that you want to know. YouTube provides some similar video material demonstrating slap-dash type customer delivery services like Fed-Ex, so this problem is nothing new.

Being a FedEx Courier for the past 16 years, I found this Video very offensive. Myself as well as those I work with daily try very hard to provide the best possible service to our customers and would never handle a package in that manner. We work hard and we take pride in our service.

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