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Thanks for visiting the FedEx Blog. The FedEx blog is a place for personal insights into our company, our innovation, and the FedEx culture. This blog allows us to hear from you and build on the community that we've nurtured since 1971. Although package delivery is what we are largely known for, FedEx plays a key role within many areas that shape our lives - as noted within each of the blog's category sections above. We now invite you to join our conversation with stories and comments of your own, and we will do our best to make it a valuable experience.

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Access is our thought leadership platform where we will review and discuss new FedEx products, technologies, and processes. Additionally, some of the brightest minds at FedEx will share trends and provide their insights into how culture, people and policy are affecting the global marketplace.

Community Involvement

Our team members give their time and talents to improving communities around the globe with volunteerism and philanthropic efforts. Here you will find articles, stories, and information about what we're doing to make the world a better place, and how you too can become involved.

Sports & Entertainment

While this section will report on the acclaimed advertising and sport sponsorships that FedEx is well known for, we will also be the purveyors of funny videos, games, and sports-related content to help even out your work/life balance. From FedEx Racing to our new TV spot to that new viral video your friend just sent you, we have you covered.

Business Know-How

As the world gets more technologically advanced, so do we. Receive articles, videos, and other content about new FedEx services and technology solutions to keep your company ahead of the curve. Additionally, we know that small businesses are the backbone of the world's economy, and we will provide content that spurs conversation on their unique needs.


At FedEx, we employ initiatives such as EarthSmart to create more efficient and environmentally friendly processes. This commitment drives FedEx to explore energy efficient alternatives to vehicles, planes and workplaces. Be the first to find out what we're doing today to help make a difference as well as how you can become more EarthSmart in your daily life.

Team Member Stories

Saying "I am FedEx" is saying you are a part of a global community. This is our platform for showcasing the winning culture at FedEx and providing a window into our workplace. We welcome and recognize the unique and compelling stories about the more than 280,000 team members who make FedEx one of the best places in the world to work.

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